Attending my first ever Webinar about Selling with WordPress

It was Saturday, 6 in the morning. I was still binge-watching Money Heist’s Part 4 that just showed up in my Netflix feed. Still unsure about whether to attend my first ever webinar. That was to begin in like 14 hours from then. My night-owl self ends up going to sleep at 8 in the morning. Waking up at 4 PM. While still battling my sometimes-introvert-self about whether to attend the webinar that was hours away. And just like that, the clock ticks and its 7:55PM. I end up opening up the zoom meeting link, and there I was.

And that’s where I get to see Jodie, a Sales & WordPress Rockstar I would say. Not only did we get to learn so much about marketing and how to better manage the clients, but we also got to know her thoughts about whether to offer a low hourly rate during this crazy epidemic.

Here I’d like to address a few questions I had for Jodie and list some of her answers to those. Which I am really grateful for. I hope that both my team at Facta and you can take benefit from it.

A bit about Jodie:

Jodie, currently working as Director of Business Development at WebDevStudios was on the organizing team for WordCamp US in Philadelphia (the first ever WordCamp to ever happen back in 2015, if I remember correctly) and can be found speaking at WordCamps across the country. She is on the advisory board for PHL Diversity (a division of the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau), Blackboard Labs board, is a member of the Philadelphia Chapter of The Recording Academy, and volunteers at PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society).

Me: Hey, Jodie! I’d like to introduce myself first. I am a WordPress developer remotely working with a boston-based Digital Studio. We work with both direct clients and agencies. I would like to know if you have any suggestions to speed up the process of WordPress development from scratch. I have personally been working on a WordPress Theme exclusively for my agency that I plan to add a bunch of Guten blocks/ACF Flexible modules into.

Jodie: That’s a great question. We do use a starter theme of our own based on underscores that we built here at WebDevStudios. (link here). It consists of a bunch of ACF Blocks and you can create more if needed. (read more about the ACF blocks here)

Me: I and my colleague often talk about how the WordPress Rest API is the next big thing and that we need to learn more about it. Does your company, WebDevStudios ever uses it with projects and what resources and tools would you suggest to help get started with the Rest API as a beginner?

Jodie: We use the Rest API a lot actually! With pretty much everything. From simple sign up forms to complex mobile apps. I’d say it is something pretty important.

Me: Do you ever make use of Pagebuilders aside from Gutenburg? I’ve been really curious about Elementor and would like to try it out. Would you suggest something like that for high-end clients?

Jodie: Let me get one thing straight. Gutenburg is not a pagebuilder. Its going to be, but right now it’s not. It’s more of an editor that you can use to add blocks. As for Elementor, lets say if I had a client who had a budget of like a hundred bucks, I’d create them a website using one of those. But really it depends on the client. But sure, you should totally try it out. And yes, we do use Beaver Builder for clients with Pagebuilder needs. 

Me: Have you ever made mobile applications for your WordPress clients and what tools do you suggest to make the development easier?

Jodie: Yes, we did do apps for our WordPress Clients. And AppPresser is something that lets you build Mobile Applications for your WordPress Sites.

She also talked about how she wished that leads magically appeared but as of right now, you’ve got to work hard. Attend events, write articles and offer people solutions doesn’t matter if you just met them. And that’s how the marketing works.

And that was my first ever webinar. I could not have been more proud of attending it and meeting so many wonderful people, including Jodie. Thank you WordPress Lahore Meetup team for organizing the meet up and thank you Jodie, for providing such helpful answers and teaching so much about marketing in just one webinar! I’d also like to thank Robert, Christopher, everyone from India who attended the webinar, my dear friend Abdullah and Usman Khalid (Deputy Community WordPress) for being there.